19.02 2020

Finding inner peace through meditation

Image Finding inner peace through meditation

Inner peace is the feeling of inner tranquility, when the mind is at peace. To get rid of stress in life, it is essential to have peace within.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat focuses his teachings on peace and the way to attain it. He is a promoter of global peace through messages of peace, which say that "Peace is possible". In addition, inner peace is inside each individual. To find peace within, it is helpful to meditate. How to find inner peace through meditation? Keep reading and find out.

Meditation helps stay mindful

One of the most important benefits of meditation is that it promotes mindfulness. If you are attentive to everything you are doing, it will be possible to know everything, and such knowledge triggers inner peace, because it stimulates finding the right solutions to problems, as well as taking the right decision in different circumstances.

Meditation on good principles prevents violence

Regular meditation can improve knowledge and serenity. By focusing our thoughts on God's creeds, it prevents us from doing any immoral things. For example, if we meditate on acting in righteousness and justice, conflicts and violence can be avoided. In addition, in case of tensions with our surroundings, the first thing to do is to meditate and redirect our thoughts into peacekeeping and violence prevention.

Meditate on God's principle about love of neighbors and you can find ways to settle again the disputes with our surroundings. Thus, it is possible to be at peace with ourselves while maintaining a good relationship with our surroundings. Love of our surroundings promotes mutual help and peace.

How to find inner peace through meditation

  • In your quiet room, sit comfortably on a mat on the floor, with crossed or folded legs, and stretched arms 
  • If the lotus position is not usual for you, then, it is a good idea to kneel and bend forward with the forehead touching the floor 
  • To be more relaxed, put your hands on your lap, and make sure your palms face upward

Religious meditation practitioners connect with God with a prayer before meditation. If you opt for this, start by saying a prayer about your job or family or health issues; it is also possible to pray about the others like your children or your relatives. However, secular meditation practitioners do not have this part. Then, follow the next step.

  • Focus your attention on the topic of your prayer and open your holy book and read some words from it
  • Remain tranquil and have a conversation with God about the topic of your prayer
  • Be attentive to the thoughts which are coming, and direct your thoughts to optimistic vision in your meditation
  • When your breathing is normal, it means you have attained inner peace and should not worry anymore

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat practices and teaches a meditation called "Knowledge" to help the trainees discover their inner strengths and become hopeful in life. He is also the founder of the TPRF Foundation, which works for peacekeeping in the world.