What morning rituals to be Zen and at peace with yourself?

Image What morning rituals to be Zen and at peace with yourself?

When the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace that peace is within us, the first question, which comes to mind, is how that is possible. His teachings are based on the attainment of inner peace through a meditation called "Knowledge". Each morning, it is a good idea to adopt some rituals to be Zen and to have inner peace. Keep reading and discover how to achieve that purpose.

Start the day under God's guidance

To stay peaceful within, the first thing to do after getting up is to connect to God through a prayer. Start by giving thanks to God for the gift of life and for the new day, for being able to communicate with the Supreme Being. Then, praise God and give him glory for everything he has done; thank him for the good and bad things, and acknowledge that there is a purpose in everything.

Be happy for the good and keep smiling despite the bad, and just accept and be thankful for the unexpected things. You can ask God to improve the situation and change you into a spiritual individual and fill your heart with love, faith, hope and to give you peace of mind.

Listen to God's words to you

The next step is to talk to God by listening to his words to you, and stay calm to understand and receive his message. This could be done by reading his holy words in the "Sacred Book", its name can vary according to the religion, and then relate it to the focus of your prayer. Read the holy text while focusing your attention on its meaning.

Meditate on the holy text

The next step consists of meditating on the holy text; how it is relevant to your worries. It is necessary to keep tranquil and observe your thoughts while you are meditating on the holy text. Close your eyes and meditate on the reason why the words have been given to you and their power to change the situation.

Direct your thoughts to success and manage your emotions by keeping optimistic. Clear your heart from hatred and criticism; instead, complain directly to God if there are any teething troubles caused by the others. Direct your thoughts to forgiveness, love, and keep continue the process until you feel at peace.

Drink enough water

Early in the morning, it is essential to drink enough water to eliminate the toxins in the body and boost the good functioning of the organs and the heart. It is good to drink 2 or 3 cups of water, preferably fresh or warm water. Avoid drinking freezing water for good health.

Take care of yourself

Another important component of staying Zen and being at peace with yourself consists of taking care of your body, after taking care of your spiritual life. This consists of taking a shower and cleaning well your body, your hair, your ears, nails, feet, and everything. It is better to take a scented shower to promote well-being.

Take a healthy breakfast

The next step to serenity is to eat a healthy breakfast to gain energy and vitality. Eat some vegetable salad, some fruit, a pot of yoghurt, and maybe some cheese in a sandwich. Other people may prefer to have a small bowl of rice with a side dish in the morning.

Breakfast can improve concentration and studies show that people who eat healthy breakfast perform better at work and at school. In addition, it is said that having adequate breakfast can improve the mood and behavior.